Bill Gates

On October 28th 1955 a boy named William Henry Gates III was born in Seattle, Washington.  When Bill was 13 years old he had his first experience with a computer and he was immediately hooked.  The more he played with computers the more he realized how they could play a key role in the world’s future.  When Bill was 20 years old he believed one day that there would be a computer in every home.  Later that year he founded a company called Microsoft with his friend Paul Allen and began developing software for computers.  Microsoft became a huge success and by 31 years old Bill became the youngest American billionaire.  After much success he realized he should be focusing his time and money towards making a positive change for those less fortunate.  At 45 years old he and his wife, Melinda, started the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation whose slogan is “All Lives Have Equal Value”.  The goal of the foundation is to empower struggling communities around the world to tackle 3 major problems: disease, poverty, and lack of education.  Bill also started a campaign called “The Giving Pledge” with another multimillionaire named Warren Buffet.  The pledge encourages the world’s wealthiest people to donate a portion of their income and savings to charity.  He wants to make an impact on this world and wants others to get involved as well.

Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Bill Gates uses the money he has made to help those less fortunate.
  2. Bill Gates is working to fight disease, poverty, and lack of education around the world.
  3. Bill Gates has helped other wealthy people get involved to help make this world a better place.

Spark Conversation: How can you help people that are in need?

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