About the Founder

I became a mom the day before we entered into 2020 and what a year it became.  COVID put strain on families all around the world and race equality and the fight against discrimination became a pressing topic with the Black Lives Matter movement.  It was evident that our society and this world we all live in had a long ways to go to become stronger and, more importantly, better.  When my daughter was born I realized I wanted her to live in a place with love, laughter, equality, safety, and positivity all around.  I felt that in order for this to become reality it was imperative that I teach her about those that have used their voices for a positive change.  I wanted her to know about those that had no fear, felt inspired to make a difference, and have confidence knowing that others are trying to make this world right.  In order to do so I decided to start this brand to educate kids on those that have made a positive impact on our world.  I want kids to know their stories, their challenges, what they overcame, and how they conquered.  I want kids to know their names, be proud to wear them on their clothes, and educate and inspire their friends by sparking conversations.  The younger generations are our future.  Let’s all educate our kids and motivate them to dream big.  Like really big!