Why is Ruth Bader Ginsburg so significant?

On March 15th 1933 a girl named Ruth Bader Ginsburg was born in Brooklyn New York.  Her dream was to become a lawyer and at this time most lawyers and judges were men. This didn't matter to her.  She followed her heart and worked hard to get into Harvard Law School where she met her husband, Marty.  She became one of the smartest students in her class.  Many students would tell her husband Marty that Ruth should be home baking cookies like the other wives.  He stood up for her and supported Ruth's determination to make a name for herself.  Ruth was very passionate about women’s rights and focused a lot of her energy on gender equality.  She eventually became the 2nd female to ever be on the U.S Supreme Court.  Throughout her career she received many awards for her work and became a powerful voice for women.
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Top 3 Takeaways:
  1. Ruth didn't care that she was doing things that only men were doing at that time.
  2. Ruth wasn't scared to fight for what she felt wasn't fair.
  3. Ruth has made a big impact on women's rights.
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