Why is Rosa Parks so significant?

On February 4th 1913 a girl named Rosa Louise McCauley Parks was born in Tuskegee Alabama. She grew up in a time when Alabama was a segregated place to live.  This meant that people of color were not treated equally and studied in different schools, prayed in different churches, shopped in different stores, and even drank from different water fountains than white people.  If you wanted to stand up to fight for equality you would very likely be thrown in jail but that didn’t stop Rosa.  When Rosa was 42 years old she was on the bus coming back from work and was told to give up her seat to a white person.  She said no.  She felt it wasn't fair that she couldn't sit in this seat.  She went to jail and many others fought for her release.  This started a boycott and people of color refused to ride the bus until a law was changed.  This lasted 381 days and ended when the US Supreme Court declared bus segregation unconstitutional, which meant that African Americans could sit wherever they wanted on the bus.  In 1996, Rosa received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her courage.

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Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Rosa grew up during a very difficult time for African Americans.
  2. Rosa was a strong woman that stood up for equality.
  3. Rosa's strength changed history for the better.

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