Why is Jane Goodall so significant?

On April 3rd 1934 a girl named Jane Goodall was born in London, United Kingdom.  Jane loved to be outdoors and read books.  Ever since she was a little girl her dream was to go to Africa and spend time with wild animals.  When she was 26 years old she went to Tanzania with her journal and binoculars to study chimpanzees in their natural habitat.  At first they didn’t love her company but she worked hard to become their friend.  She spoke to them using grunt sounds, she climbed trees, and even ate the same food as them.  She wanted to bond with them like no other scientist had before by becoming their companion and it worked.  She fell in love with chimpanzees and they fell in love with her.  She committed her life and career to protecting the environment and continues to raise awareness for animal protection worldwide.

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Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Jane focused her career on what she was passionate about.
  2. Jane became a trusted companion to chimpanzees in order to research them best.
  3. Jane is forever committed to protecting animals and their environment.

Spark Conversation: What animal do you want to protect and how would you protect them?

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