Why is Bono so significant?

On May 10th 1960 a boy named Paul David Hewson was born in Dublin, Ireland.  His friends gave him the nickname “Bono” because it meant “good voice” and now everyone calls him that, including his family.  When Bono was 16 years old he started a band with some friends and they called themselves U2.  U2 has become super successful over the years winning many awards and even were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  Aside from music, Bono is very passionate about fighting world poverty and the spread of disease.  He has fought hard for awareness of these issues and even got world leaders to help support these causes with him.  Bono has been involved in the creation of multiple companies to raise money to fight these issues.  He continues to create music and organize concerts to raise money and awareness and his hard work has been recognized by many.  Multiple countries have given him awards to show their appreciation and he even was granted knighthood in his home country of Ireland.  He knows there is more work to be done and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

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Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Bono uses his popularity for good causes.
  2. Bono is fighting world poverty and the spread of diseases.
  3. Bono has been noticed by many for all the good he has done for our world.

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